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Our mission is to achieve an always-higher quality standard, thanks to our perseverance and scrupulous care of every organizational aspects of the manufacturing process attested by ISO 2008_9001 certification. We guarantee quality by strict controls: firstly on the machine and then through systematic methods with the aid of a system of dimensional measurement.

- Three-dimensional measuring machine BROWN AND SHARP mod. Mistral 07.07.05 CNC

-useful strokes X 710 mm, X 660 mm, Z 460 mm

- Feedback plan

- JOHNSON block set series

- Mechanical micrometers of various types

- Mechanical and digital gauges, digital comparators


These systems and all the equipment are subjected to periodic calibration and certification by the designated organization.

Mach 3 Srl obtained the certification of management systems as recognition of the entrepreneurial skills of a company that has been able to optimize its internal organization through efficient management, suitable structures and adequate skills.


The certification was issued by the CSQ, a world-leading institution and member of the CISQ Federation (Italian Certification of Company Quality Systems) adhering to the international agreement IQNet (International Certification Network)  which accredits the certifications issued by the bodies of the main industrialized countries.

This important milestone is the result of many years of experience and competence. This confirms Mach 3 as a reliable partner for all its customers.



Mach 3 is able to produce precision mechanical assemblies in the fields of aeronautics, robotics, drawing machinery and plastic molding. Each part is produced on CNC turning and milling centers constantly updated to offer the most competitive technology. Due to our expertise, we can use every kind of raw material both from bar and from casting in production processes:


- Stainless steel (aisi 303, 304, 316, 420, 174PH)

-Aluminium and its alloys

- Bronze

- Brass

- Copper

- Titanium


We also have a CAD-CAM program to respond globally to specific needs of customers.

To provide an adequate service to the customer's needs, Mach 3 is able to perform partial and complete assemblies of various sizes. For this department it has 500 square meters and an overhead crane with a maximum load of 5000 kg.